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Mazama Science has decades of experience bringing innovative and appropriate data solutions to publicly-funded agencies, individual researchers and private companies. We ask lots (and lots) of questions to fully understand your research objectives, and then deliver solutions that are intuitive, highly customized, and rigorously operational.

Do more with your data.

Custom Software

In a data-centric world, being inventive and relevant requires constantly updated software solutions. Mazama Science takes great pains to understand client needs and constraints. We focus on open source technologies that can be easily integrated into existing software pipelines, and understood by client staff. Whether our solutions are part of a proprietary internal system or an open source project on GitHub, our clear design and thorough documentation make for highly robust, maintainable code.

Custom User Interfaces

In the modern web, data-focused organizations often provide access to data, custom analysis and plotting through web services. These modular services can then be combined to make powerful and scalable user interfaces. Mazama Science specializes in collaboratively engaging international and federal science agencies to build containerized web services for operational use. The US Forest Service Smoke Monitoring site is one high-traffic example.

Analysis and Reporting

When creating reports, data analysis and plotting can take up a large amount of staff time. Mazama Science has particular expertise working with environmental data of all types — model grids, timeseries, geospatial data — along with decades of experience producing everything from scientific publications to one-pager fact sheets that are attractive, concise and informative. Given our relentless focus on automation and reproducibility, analyses and plots can be quickly recreated whenever underlying data are updated.


Many organizations have limited training budgets, and it can be a stretch to ask staff to embrace a promising but unfamiliar new technology. In the Mazama Science lab, we spend a lot of time searching for the most appropriate software tools, and mastering them completely. In addition to creating custom software to address client needs, we take pride in training staff to use the tools we find most valuable. Our R Class for Seismologists was developed to bring seismologists up to speed on R and RStudio, as well as the custom seismology packages we created.

Meet the Mazama Science team.

Jonathan Callahan, PhD

Jonathan has always enjoyed understanding and explaining the natural world. His career in science began with a PhD in Chemistry, followed by a decade in a NOAA Oceanography lab, and a subsequent decade consulting with federal and nonprofit scientific organizations. Through it all, he has brought automation, data visualization and storytelling to disciplines where people spend too much time looking at tables of numbers.

Leska Fore, MS

Leska has worked as a statistical consultant for over 25 years to translate data into actions that will keep our waters clean and protect the animals and people that depend on them. Although data analysis is fun, what she really enjoys is working as a team to find what’s meaningful. She currently holds a position at the Puget Sound Partnership, where she shares stories about what’s working to recover Puget Sound.

Helen Miller

Helen graduated from St Olaf College in 2017 with a degree in mathematics and environmental science. She is interested in using data visualization and modeling tools to understand and explain natural systems.

Spencer Pease

A physics and informatics student at UW, Spencer is interested in the intersection of data science and traditional research, and developing tools to enable researchers to work more effectively with complex data.

Tate Brasel

Tate is an informatics student at UW, and is interested in designing engaging software tools for interactive media, especially in the application of deep learning for image and video processing.

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