Mazama Science Past

Until December, 2021, Mazama Science was a small software company founded by Dr. Jonathan Callahan in 2007. Mazama Science provided modern, open source approaches to data management, analysis and visualization. The focus was on collaboration with clients across disciplines to make large, high-value datasets more usable with intuitive, interactive tools

During 14 years of work with national and international non-profit science agencies, Mazama Science offered internships to 26 young scientists, a dozen of whom spent between six months and two years working with Dr. Callahan before advancing to other opportunities.

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Mazama Science Present

"Mazama Science" is still relevant as a recognized brand, synonymous with high quality, analyst focused R packages as well as the creation of data pipelines and high visibility web sites in the field of air quality.

Dr. Callahan now holds a position as Associate Research Professor at the Desert Research Institute and continues creating and maintaining open source software libraries for air quality analysis. Many of these can been seen at the MazamaScience GitHub pages.

If you would like to collaborate with Dr. Callahan, are looking for consultation on an air quality project or are interested in supporting the ongoing development of Mazama Science software packages, please contact

Specializing in environmental monitoring data.

Air Quality

Air quality professionals need robust tools that provide detailed and careful analysis of raw monitoring data. These tools must support the creation of documents and websites that are clear and attractive. Mazama Science air quality solutions are designed to be:


We create open source air quality data solutions that make working with large volumes of monitoring data easier than ever. Our compact, simple-is-better data model allows us to analyze and plot data from 1-10,000 monitors at a time.


We are experts at putting R to work in operational settings that demand the highest standards of academic and regulatory rigor. Our packages include data validation, spatial clustering, time series aggregation, NowCast smoothing, and a wide variety of custom features.


We believe in reproducible results. Because our reports and web-based products are built using our open source analysis packages, every aspect of our work (and the data you rely on) can be vetted and reproduced by other air quality professionals.