Meet Us

We are always eager to meet with people to discuss all things data: management, analysis, visualization, etc. We know that human interactions are at the heart of every successful project and we enjoy learning from our clients and colleagues about their problems, their strategies and their successes and failures. Whenever possible we get away from the office to find out what is going on in the interconnected worlds of science, data and software.

We look forward to meeting you some day.

Intern Position for fall 2016:

We currently have an an opening for the fall of 2016 and are seeking to hire a recent graduate or part-time student at the undergraduate senior or graduate student level. We are looking for a 20-30 hr/week commitment. Work will focus on using R to process raw PM2.5 monitoring data and create visualizations and reports to enhance the capabilities of the USFS smoke monitoring site at:

The full announcment can be found here.