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Mazama Science provides modern, open source approaches to data management, analysis and visualization. We collaborate with clients across disciplines to make large, high-value datasets more usable with intuitive, interactive tools.

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Custom Software

At Mazama Science, client needs and constraints don’t impede our development process, they inspire it. We work new, robust tools into existing software pipelines, and document every step.

Custom User Interfaces

We build powerful user interfaces by combining carefully-crafted modular components. The result is scalable, flexible and designed to extract the most from your hard-earned data.

Analysis and Reporting

We elevate publications of all types with better data analysis and visualization. Automation and reproducibility permeate our process, making changes in underlying data easy to accommodate.


Mazama Science takes the guesswork out of knowing how and when to ask staff to learn new software. We share our favorite tools in hands-on trainings created especially for scientists.

Specializing in environmental monitoring data.

Air Quality

Air quality professionals need robust tools that provide detailed and careful analysis of raw monitoring data. These tools must support the creation of documents and websites that are clear and attractive. Our air quality solutions are designed to be:


Mazama Science creates open source air quality data solutions that make working with large volumes of monitoring data easier than ever. Our compact, simple-is-better model allows us to analyze and plot data from 1-10,000 monitors at a time.


We are experts at putting R to work in operational settings that demand the highest standards of academic and regulatory rigor. Our packages include data validation, spatial clustering, time series aggregation, NowCast smoothing, and a wide variety of custom features.


We believe in reproducible results. Because our reports and web-based products are built using our open source analysis packages, every aspect of our work (and the data you rely on) can be vetted and reproduced by other air quality professionals.


We have extensive experience performing robust analysis and calculation of state-of-health metrics from seismic waveform data. Through our longstanding relationship with the IRIS Data Management Center, Mazama Science helps deliver efficient, usable tools to seismology professionals dedicated to elevating their craft, and the common good.

Geospatial Analysis

If your GIS specialist is having a tough time mapping your question using standard tools, it’s likely time for a custom solution. Our team excels at harnessing open source data and GIS software in R, python, javascript and PostGIS to get below the surface and answer interesting geospatial questions that create connection and foster collaboration.

Resource Management, Medicine and More

Many research institutions and individual labs have trouble staying abreast of new developments in the research software they rely on. Whether it is R, Python, NetCDF, NodeJS, d3 or general web development, we are committed to bringing the best and most appropriate solutions to the scientists we work with.

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What's New in the Lab

It’s wildfire season again. Everyone is busy hardening the new developments that are used operationally to assess and communicate wildfire smoke impacts. We efficiently spin up interns to meaningfully engage in our air quality monitoring tools, enabling them to make important contributions to data visualization, automated reporting, data processing, and robustness testing. Mazama Science is proud to partner with bright young minds, and leverage science to improve the quality of life in our communities.

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