Installing subversion 1.7.10 on OSX Yosemite

You can’t call me a luddite any more — I finally started upgrading my mid-2010 MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM to OSX 10.10 — Yosemite. Trickiest thing so far was installing an older version of Subversion. Here are my upgrade steps:

1) Install Yosemite

  1. use the App Store to install all updates for your current OS
  2. use the App Store to upgrade to OS X Yosemite
  3. use the App Store to install any updates for OS X Yosemite

In step 2. I worried about the “1 minute left” message and then read that Command+L will print out all the log messages so that I know things aren’t hung. On my laptop it took several hours to get everything installed.

2) Follow MacPorts Migration Instructions

  1. use the App Store to install Xcode
    Note — you may need to update Xcode after installing it.
  2. open a terminal and sudo xcode-select --install to install the the developer command line tools
  3. install MacPorts for OS X 10.10 Yosemite
    Note — you may need to source ~/.bash_profile after installation for the port command to be found.
  4. reinstall ports following the migration instructions

Note that running sudo port clean all can take 30+ minutes.

I thought everything would be ready to go but when I went to check out some code with subversion (OK, you can still call me a luddite) I got this error message from my subversion host:

SSL disabled due to library version mismatch

Looks like Xcode and/or MacPorts installed subversion version 1.8.x. So …

3) Install older version of Subversion

cd /tmp                        # because macports runs as a user without much permission
svn co -r 106653 ./subversion_1.7.10
sudo port uninstall subversion # remove version 1.8.x
cd subversion_1.7.10
sudo port install              # install version 1.7.10

Now I can use subversion with all of my existing code!

I’m sure there will be more problems ahead but I’m pretty close to a functional system at this point.

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