Improved Python-style Logging in R

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Last August, in Python-style Logging in R, we described using an R script as a wrapper around the futile.logger package to generate log files for an operational R data processing script. Today, we highlight an improved, documented version that can be sourced by your R scripts or dropped into your package’s R/ directory to provide easy file and console logging.

The improved pylogging.R script enables the following use case:

  1. set up log files for different log levels
  2. set console log level
  3. six available log levels: TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL

All of these capabilities depend upon the excellent futile.logger package (CRAN or github). This script just wraps this package to get python-style file logging. Please see futile.logger’s documentation for details on output formatting, etc.

The pylogging.R script is fully documented with roxygen2 comments and can be incorporated into packages as long as their DESCRIPTION file adds a dependency on futile.logger.  For those developing operational processing pipelines using R, python style logging can be very useful.

To demonstrate log files and console output you can download pylogging.R and the following sleepy.R script:

The following R session demonstrates the general functionality:

Best Wishes for Better Logging!



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