When a web site dedicated to the latest in data visualization trends and software is also accompanied by excellent web design we know we have a winner.

The site is the project of a couple of young graduates from the Interaction Design program (IAD) at the School of Applied Arts Zürich.  From their mission statement: is a website dedicated to data and information visualization. The mission is to document and discuss research findings in this field. This includes cognitions from self initiated studies as well as providing an overview of the development done by the incredible smart people in the community.

What is so intriguing about this site, beyond the topic, is their focus on both big-ideas in data visualization as well as specific tools used to enable web based data visualization.  The combination keeps your eye on what people will be expecting down the road as well as what’s possible or even easy to implement today.

Another reason to visit is to experience their total mastery of WordPress.  Rarely are WordPress sites this good looking or this functional and the high bar they set should serve as an inspiration to anyone running their own WordPress blog.

So Kudos to Cristian and Benjamin.  We will be following them closely.

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