2 Responses to Reinventing the wheel at Data.gov

  1. EMaria says:

    Oh Jon,
    When you dream, you dream big. Don’t you know that the government doesn’t want to make things in a logical way? If they did that, too many people would be out of jobs….. Government by the people and for the people would shrivel up and …… dare I say it….. Function For the People (there, I said it :}

    I really hope your dreams can come true.
    I’ll look for a big star to wish on just in case it helps.

  2. Jon, this is a great post. Make sure you add this to the comment section of http://blog.ostp.gov/2009/06/08/data-transparency-via-datagov/

    and if you have the inclination throw a couple ideas into http://bit.ly/datagov which is a idea hub for data.gov apps to be built.