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Python-style Logging in R

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We are increasingly using R in “operational” settingsĀ that require robust error handling and logging. In this post we describe a quick-and-dirty way to get python style multi-level log files by wrapping the futile.logger package.

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Getting your Mac ready for netCDF

If you are working with weather or climate data or big 3-4D model datasets you will undoubtedly encounter netCDF. Unidata’s Network Common Data Format has been the workhorse data format for atmospheric and oceanographic modelers since the early 1990’s. With …   read more …

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Installing NetCDF and R ‘ncdf’

If you work with large, gridded datasets you should probably be using NetCDF, the Network Common Data Form from Unidata: NetCDF is a set of software libraries and self-describing, machine-independent data formats that support the creation, access, and sharing of …   read more …

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Best Best Practices Ever!

Every once in a while I read something that is so insightful, so clearly written and so well documented that it enters my own personal pantheon of “Best Ever” documents. I recently added a new, simply divine article titledĀ Best Practices …   read more …

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WordPress for Collaborative Editing

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Working with others to create a document can be a trying affair. Authors on different computers have to deal with minor differences between Microsoft Word for PC vs. Mac or between different versions of MS Word. What do you do …   read more …

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